80% AK Identification Engraving (Mail In Service)


We surpass the ATF serial number requirements of depth greater than 0.003 of an inch.


80% AK Flat or Blank Identification Engraving

We surpass the ATF serial number requirements of depth greater than 0.003 inches and the following information will appear:

  1. Your Manufacturing Name
  2. Your Manufacturing City, State
  3. Your Desired Model Name 
  4. Caliber  ( You can designate any specific caliber )
  5. Your Desired Serial Number

We engrave on the bottom of your lower receiver just in front of the mag well. This location is universal for all stock style locations. We can also engrave in another location at your request, simply place a note on your order and mark your item location for engraving.

** LOWER RECEIVER NOT INCLUDED – This is for Laser Engraving Services on your 80% AK Flat or Blank ONLY.

Once your order is placed you will receive an automated email with information for how to ship your lower to us. A return shipping fee will apply. You may ONLY ship 80% receivers in the mail. We do NOT accept ANY milled out firearms.


If you have completed your 80% lower to a functional firearm you may NOT send us the lower. You MUST request for a SN from the DOJ and make an appointment for laser engraving services as you wait.  Create a appointment below OR Call us if you have any questions 818-941-5336.



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