AR15 80% 9mm Forged Lower Glock Mag W/ Kit

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With Optional Identification SN Engraving

Features Last round bolt hold open on an empty magazine without the need of any special 9mm bolt catch. Compatible with ANY Mil-Spec upper receiver.

Designed for the GLOCK style 9mm , 40 S&W, .357 SIG magazine.

In stock


Mil-Spec Forged 9mm / 40 / .357 small frame Glock 80% AR15 Lower.


Engineered for Glock 9x19mm, .40 S&W and . 357 SIG style Glock magazines

Features LAST ROUND BOLT HOLD OPEN  ( Dedicated Finishing Kit Included )

  • Mil-Spec CNC Machined 7075-T6 Forged aluminum
  • Ambidextrous Finger Location Identifier / Finger Rest.
  • Raw in the White Finish
  • Upper tensioning set screw 1/4 – 28x .375
  • Receiver extension and grip screw hole drilled and threaded
  • Last round bolt hold open on an empty magazine (Use ANY Mil-Spec Upper)
  • No Branding – You can add your own logo for an additional fee
  • Use ANY AR15 Mil-Spec Jig

These are 80% Forged Glock 9mm lower receivers. These are a dedicated 9mm 7075-T6 design that comes with all the features for LRBHO (Last Round Bolt Hold Open) in an 80% configuration and includes all dedicated LRBHO lower parts. Standard AR15 LPK needed to complete the lower with the provided dedicated parts. Any Mil-Spec Jig can be used because this is a basic AR15 forging.

The receiver upper tensioning set screw effectively eliminates any unwanted “slop” between upper and lower receivers for superior accuracy.

No FFL required. As determined by the firearms technology branch of the ATF, this lower receiver is not classified as a “firearm” as defined by the GCA of 1968. Operations left to be completed include fire control/trigger group milling, trigger pin, hammer pin, trigger slot, and the safety selector hole. We have the ability ship to your door because 80% lowers are not considered firearms by the ATF.  

Atomic Engraving now offers you the ability to purchase this 80% small frame Glock lower receiver with optional serial number engraving.

We surpass the ATF serial number requirements of a depth greater than 0.003 inches.

PLEASE NOTE: We are not attorneys and do not keep up with your local or state laws. Engraving your serial number DOES NOT register your firearm.  It is the responsibility of the manufacturer to do their due diligence and make sure they are staying in compliance with local and state laws. Laws are updated and changed often; make sure you are up to date. We cannot and will not provide any legal advice as we are not attorneys. The serial numbers you choose to provide are not kept in any record. Custom engraved receivers are not returnable items and orders can not be canceled once engraving has started. Please confirm your information is correct before submitting your final order.